What to do after you land: a play-by-play after arriving for preOp (this is for surgery ctrs only)




? this is where you sign all of the legal docs. Most places will take your vitals, have you pee in a cup, and some places will draw your blood

? you’ll be given a surgery time; plan to arrive an hour or two in advance

? make sure to take off acrylic nails or tips and/or cut your nails short

? stop eating by midnight before your procedure

? cleanse your body the night before with dial soap and hibicleanse

? take out any visible piercings OR replace them with plastic piercings

? remove any make up and lashes




? morning of surgery, hand your pill prescriptions to the person picking you up, and have them fill the rX’s while you are in surgery

? follow your pill instructions to the letter

? your first massage should be the day after surgery*

? your postOp appt with the surgery ctr is the day after your procedure*

? shower the day after surgery; after your first massage, shower. Do NOT wait 72hrs in a pissy/blood and swear covered garment. Don’t try to wipe down with baby wipes. You have a ph level that babies dont have and those wipes won’t cut it. To avoid infections [if your surgeon told you don’t shower ignore this old school thinking] SHOWER!

? postOp appt’s are usually in the morning from 6a-12p and are long wait times. You will rarely see the surgeon. Instead you’ll see a nurse [or someone claiming to be a nurse] who will take your vitals, look you over, and send you back home with basic healing instructions

? some surgery ctrs have you come back for one more follow up before you fly back home

? you are to get a massage every day for the first 5-7 days. After that it decreases to 2 a week for 4 weeks. Then one a week for two weeks. This schedule is for optimal healing; should you deviate from this it may affect your results. Factors that play into massage schedules vary according to genetics, age, skin laxity, procedure type and more

? wear compression socks for the first 10 days. If your legs still swell, wear them for 14

? make an appt with your PCP to be looked over thoroughly by someone who has your best interest in mind and is nonbiased towards your procedure

*if your procedure is on a Saturday, your follow up postOp appt wont be until the following Monday. Your first massage should still be the day after your surgery even if your postOp isn’t til Monday.

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