Phase7: the lymphatic system

(Stare at this first pic for a bit. This is your lymphatic system summarized)



The body is made up of 11 [or 12… depends on who you talk to] body systems. The lymphatic system is the main defense that works in conjunction with the immune system to protect your body. Imagine this is #GameofThrones and the city is under attack. The traitors are captured by the lymph system and held captive in the nodes. The immune system comes along with their soldiers and kills the traitors, and ships off an innocent bystanders via the lymph vessels back to the inner city of Winterfell (im a HUGE #GoT fan).

ANYWHERE there is an appendage connecting to your torso you have large nodes, super nodes. Along the lymph system there are smaller nodes as well.




– Super Nodes become swollen

– This entire system you see becomes basically destroyed

– The immune system struggles to keep up

– Fluid gets stuck in interstitial tissue

Imagine Winterfell falling under attack and these no one to defend it and Theon GrayJoy is just out here running a-damn-muck… THATS YOUR BODY AFTER SURGERY! Luckily though your body is amazing at revesseling… it just takes some time.




? get massages, at least 3 a week the first few weeks. Tell the massage therapist to TAKE IT EASY IT DOESNT NEED TO BE ROUGH TO BE EFFECTIVE

? walk 1/4 mile a day

? drink a gallon of water and 1/2 a pint of pineapple juice a day

? stay away from fried and processed foods for 8 weeks

? dont smoke or drink for at least 6 weeks

? wear your surgical garment 23hrs a day

? get some sleep. Like a lot of it.

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