phase3: labs and clearances— hemo (hB)

Safe ways to increase your hemo

Hemoglobin is a protein found in the red blood cells. These cells are responsible for carrying oxygen around the body.

In addition to transporting oxygen, hemoglobin carries carbon dioxide out of the cells and into the lungs. Carbon dioxide is then released as a person exhales. Having low hemoglobin can make it difficult for the body to perform these functions— with the amount of blood you lose during surgery, your body not only needs the iron to replenish what was lost, your other organs STILL HAVE TO FUNCTION.

Here’s ways to raise your hemo fast:

⛑ SPECIFICALLY eat liver

⛑ take iron pills

⛑ take floradex

⛑ consume these foods that are high in iron: todu, edamame, eggs, dates, figs, broccoli, kale, spinach, green beans, almonds, & peanut butter

⛑ take a Folate supplement (also found in avocados, kidney beans, and black eyed peas)

⛑ vitamin A, b6 + b12, and beta carotene

⛑ increase natural vitamin C intake

⛑ drink beet and pomegranate juice

⛑ drink nettle tea

⛑ avoid iron blockers: coffee, tea (other than nettle), cola drinks, wine, beer, cigarettes

⛑ working out (raises circulation which naturally increases iron absorption)

⛑ herbs to take: withania, dong quai, selenium

⛑ get a blood transfusion

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