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A motivating factor for many people is a desire to feel sexier than ever, but how long will Sx get in the way of your sex life? Winter nights can get awfully cold, so let’s talk about how soon after Sx you can warm up with your partner again.

Sx is surgical procedure, so you will need some recovery time. The good news is that depending on your procedure you may not have to wait as long as others. Liposuction is not as invasive as a tummy tuck or a breast lift, so recovery time is much shorter. Where as a BBL you have to be more careful in postOp sexual positioning.




Deciding when to have sex after liposuction depends on the areas that were treated and how much fat was removed. If you had liposuction under your chin, on the backs of your knees, or your upper arms, you may be ready to resume sexual relations within a few days. But if your surgeon removed excess fat on large areas of your thighs, belly, and/or buttocks, you might have to wait a week to ten days. Before then, your body will be tender and that could make the experience painful, also delaying your healing.




Fat injections itself does not hinder your ability to have sexual relations; but the discomfort of the liposuction and the need to allow the fat grafts to implant and be vascularized will. You should resume sexual activity (1) around 3-4 weeks GENTLY and (2) only when you feel comfortable in doing so.

On the other hand, with buttock implant placement you should avoid having strenuous sex for about six weeks after surgery.


1. No sex for before 21 days

2. Gentle sex, no spanking

3. Since you cant lie on your back or butt, use the doggie style at the edge of the bed OR reverse cowgirl leaning most of your body weight forward, and controlling your sliding motion up and down their shaft

4. No pressure on your buttock by your partner

5. No forceful grabbing




While it can be frustrating to limit sexual activity when you have new curves, it’s important to wait until your breasts have healed enough for intimate activities. The two biggest concerns with breast surgery are wound disruption and bleeding, which may occur as a result of too much physical activity, including sex.

For breast procedures, it is best to wait at least two weeks before having sex. Be sure to pay attention to your incisions—they are prone to infection and bleeding if not properly taken care of. Waiting to have sex until they are healed can considerably reduce risks.

After the first two weeks, approach physical intimacy carefully and slowly. When having sex after breast augmentation, avoid manipulation of the breasts or movements than may cause you or your partner to disrupt the placement of the implant for around six weeks.




Although it may seem like your face wouldn’t be affected by sexual activity, it is still risky to be physical too quickly after your procedure. When it comes to facial procedures such as facelift surgery or rhinoplasty, the biggest risk lies in elevating your blood pressure, which can cause bleeding at the surgical site or swelling in the head. Because it’s difficult to regulate blood pressure during physical exertion, it’s best to avoid having sex for at least three weeks.

If you’ve had rhinoplasty, there are additional concerns. Your nose will need six to eight weeks to truly heal, and having sex before you’ve fully recovered could result in nasal trauma that may alter your surgical results. When having sex after rhinoplasty, be sure to be gentle and avoid positions that could bring your nose in contact with any other surfaces.




Like all serious surgical procedures, tummy tuck surgery requires a certain amount of recovery time. As a general guideline, due to bruising and swelling & not wanting to disrupt stitches during these 4-6 weeks, strenuous activity of any kind can is to be avoided. Keep in mind that each patient’s recovery timeline is different, and your plastic surgeon may recommend you wait longer (especially if you had a lot removed). Your ability to safely resume having sex will depend on several factors, including muscle repair and incision healing. While rule of thumb is 4-6 weeks, this is one surgery that you specifically need to check in with YOUR surgeon on before engaging in sex.

Once you get clearance from your plastic surgeon to resume sexual activity, you should still avoid putting direct weight on your abdomen. Your surgeon may recommend you only resume intercourse that involves non-weight bearing positions (i.e., on your side) in order to avoid hurting yourself.


Listen to your body. Even if it’s been long enough according to your post-op instructions, if you feel like you’re not ready for sex, give it a few more days to another week. If you’re healing well, feeling comfortable, and going about your daily life, you can probably try having sex.

Go easy the first time. Be gentle and avoid any areas that are still healing. In general, follow your doctor’s orders, and then let your body tell you whether or not you’re ready to have sex after Sx. You’ll be back in the saddle—this time without the saddlebags—before you know it.

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