Positive Affirmation Stickies


Ever seen the movie “Focus” with Will Smith and he used subliminal messages to embed thoughts deep into the subconscious minds of his con victims to steal millions? Or that show “Being Mary Jane” where her home was haphazardly covered in stickie notes that she walked by everyday— never read them directly but still absorbed their great messages? Thats what these are for you. Need to help a friend through a tough time or share the good vibes with a stranger in your own, unique way? Now you can with Taime Out’s Positive Stickie Vibes! This unique line of sticky notes aim to bring encouragement, motivation and good vibes in the most random of moments throughout the day. Post these around your home during a rough time for some indirect encouragement, and trace over the ones that really speak to you with a Sharpie for your subconscious mind to pick up on them the most.

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